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This site is dedicated to inspiring mothers to enjoy life as they nurture, rear and teach their children.  You will find pages of beauty, articles that will leave you with tender tears and bubbles of laughter and suggestions useful in teaching your children and managing your home.  Most of what you find will be beneficial to any mother, some will be specific to mothers of my LDS faith, everything will be moral and family safe.

I am the mother of ten children.  You will meet them as you wander through my articles.  Neil and I had our first baby in January 1979.  Marshall was six weeks premature, lived eight weeks in the hospital until the moment he died in my arms as Neil cradled me.   Chani was born 1 1/2 years later in 1980, making her both my second and my oldest.  My youngest was born in 1998 giving me two decades of baby carrying, over twenty years of non-stop nursing, endless days of toddlerhood and then the never-ending years of home schooling!

I enjoy writing and public speaking.  I teach classes and help families in the area of personal and family communication, raising children and home schooling.  My computer is in the middle of our living room so I can pursue my hobbies without completely ignoring my family.  This is especially good when I do my time-traveling act, immersing myself in the addicting Genealogy Puzzle.

Everything you read here is freely offered, asking only that you honor my copyright bygiving me credit and linking back to me rather than copying and sending the individual articles.  You may print and use my articles provided that you give credit to me as the author and link back to this site.

The articles were written in the hope that they will help mothers realize just how normal chaotic life with children really is and how priceless the journey.

May the Lord bless you as you journey through these pages.

Cherie Logan

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